More on the FUPC Pastoral Staff

Eliud Guerrero

El Pastor Guerrero nació en la ciudad de Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.  Entregó su vida a Jesucristo a la edad de 18 años.  En su temprana edad en el Señor, recibió su llamamiento a predicar la Palabra de Dios.  Dios ha confirmado su llamamiento y hoy en día hay pastores y ministros que fueron alcanzados por su testimonio. 

El Pastor Guerrero y su familia llegaron a FUPC en San Antonio en el 2014.  El Obispo, bajo la inspiración del Señor, lo señaló y confirmó su llamado a pastorear una iglesia de habla hispana, lo cual estuvo haciendo hasta finales del 2020. Su visión se expandió y decidió formar un solo grupo con la iglesia de habla inglés bajo el liderazgo del Obispo James Jackson. Ha visto el resultado en los miembros de cómo han crecido y hasta están aprendiendo un segundo idioma, gracias al trabajo de voluntarios que ayudan a traducir cada servicio al idioma español.

El Pastor Guerrero y su familia están agradecidos con lo que Dios está haciendo entre el pueblo hispano. La congregación es multicultural y hay un ambiente de amistad donde todos pueden alabar a Dios como la iglesia primitiva. Gente de toda cultura, raza y nación es bienvenida a formar parte de la familia. Si usted está buscando un lugar donde congregarse, le invita a participar de uno de los servicios.  Será muy bienvenido. ¡Dios le bendiga ricamente!

Pastor Guerrero was born in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He gave his life to the Lord at the age of 18. Being young in the Lord, he received his calling to preach the Word of God. God has confirmed his calling and today there are pastors and ministers that were saved because of his testimony.

Pastor Guerrero’s family arrived at FUPC in San Antonio in 2014. The Bishop, under the anointing of the Lord, called him out and confirmed his calling to pastor a Spanish-speaking church which he did until the end of 2020. At that time, they expanded their vision and decided to join together as one body with the English-speaking church under the leadership of Bishop James Jackson. They have seen spiritual growth in their members and they are also learning a second language, thanks to the volunteers that help to interpret each service into Spanish.

Pastor Guerrero and his family are thankful for what the Lord is doing among the Spanish-speaking people. Within the church is a multicultural congregation and a friendly atmosphere in which all can worship God. People from every culture, race and nation are welcome to form part of our family. If you are looking for a place to worship, they invite you to join one of our services. God’s blessings to you!

Ernest Sandoval

Pastor Sandoval is originally from Stockton, California but he smelled the Texas BBQ and headed to San Antonio, TX in 1993. He is blessed to have been baptized in Jesus’ Name, filled with the Holy Ghost and married in the same church where he now has the privilege of being on the Pastoral staff.

Throughout the years, he has served in multiple roles including Out-Reach Director, Youth Pastor, Guest Services Director and now, Executive In-Reach Pastor. He believes that Bishop is a true Apostle, and God has called him to play a vital role in reaching the lost in San Antonio and many other cities, states and countries. And he is honored to be a part of such great leadership and looks forward to seeing God’s promises come to reality.

Glenn Sechler

Bio coming soon.

Kelly Massey

After receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost at the age of 15, Kelly Massey has since strived to attain a deeper relationship with THE LORD and more perfect understanding of HIS Word. After much fervent prayer, her husband uprooted their family in 2016 and moved to the San Antonio area where they began attending FUPC. 

She counts it the highest honor to serve THE LORD and do HIS will in whatever capacity HE sees fit. It is with the utmost humility that she endeavors to stay fully submitted, first to GOD and followed closely behind, her husband and her Bishop. She recognizes that it is only the blessings and mercy of GOD that has ordered her footsteps to be under the anointed leadership of her Bishop; therefore, she will not cease in giving GOD all the glory for what HE has done and what HE will do in HIS kingdom. 

Mary Morales

Mary was born and raised in Chalmette, Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans. She felt her calling to the ministry at an early age and with the encouragement of her parents, began to explore her musical gifts.

After graduating from high school, Mary attended JCM where she continued to cultivate her gifts while pursuing God’s Will for her life. Upon receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Music, God called her to San Antonio, Texas, to be the Minister of Music. Since that day, she has fulfilled several roles and currently serves as the Executive Secretary to Bishop Jackson.

San Antonio has become her home, it’s where she met her husband Mark, and where they have raised their 2 sons, Keaton & Logan.  Mary’s primary desire is to serve the Lord and fulfill His will for her life in any capacity He chooses.  She is honored to be a part of this amazing staff, and looks forward to where God takes this church next!

Stephen Massey

Having been raised by Godly parents, Steve Massey was taught the truth of the Word of GOD at a young age. Though he strayed greatly from the LORD as a young adult, GOD, in HIS mercy, refilled him with the Holy Ghost in 1997 after the birth of his son.

Since then, the LORD has ordered his footsteps and led him to San Antonio in 2016 for a work related opportunity. Upon arriving in San Antonio, he prayed and did a quick search on the internet for churches in the area. The first church name to appear was FUPC, and THE LORD spoke for him to visit there. After his first church service at FUPC, he knew it was the will of GOD for him and his family to be a part of this church. He is truly humbled and honored to serve the LORD and be an Armourbearer to his Bishop. With great expectation, he desires to see an outpouring of GOD’S Spirit in the San Antonio region and abroad. 

Ruth Jackson

Ruth Jackson grew up at the First United Pentecostal Church with her initial introduction into the Music Department a direct result of piano lessons under the Music Director (now Pastor Jeremiah Sibley in Castroville, Texas) at the time. As a student and musician, rarely was there a moment where she was not involved in church. Following in the footsteps of her parents, she cultivated a personal relationship with God through prayer and reading her Bible. It fed her love for the Gospel, the message of Jesus Christ, and the understanding that His Will is the priority.

Throughout the years, God has seen fit to position her as Music Director and now assisting the Pastor wherever needed. Her greatest love is for THE LORD and her family, but her service to her Bishop, First Lady, church family and the Music Department follows closely behind. To rephrase in the words of the song, “If it had not been for THE LORD on her side, where would she be…” All glory belongs to the Lord as she anticipates the greatness of God’s harvest and desires to simply be a contributor as God wills.